new used transformers

Welcome to the world of Dry Electrical Transformers! These innovative transformers have revolutionized the electrical industry with their cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly design. Unlike traditional liquid-filled transformers, Dry Electrical Transformers are void of any flammable fluids, making them exceptionally safe and environmentally conscious. Their compact and lightweight construction ensures easy installation, saving both time and resources. With superior thermal efficiency and reduced energy losses, these transformers promise exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness. Whether for industrial applications, commercial buildings, or renewable energy projects, Dry Electrical Transformers stand as a testament to sustainability and reliability. Join the green revolution today with these state-of-the-art transformers and power your future with confidence. Explore our extensive range of Dry Electrical Transformers and embrace the future of energy efficiency!

 ESU, Inc. has a large inventory of new and used transformers  If you require I phase 3 Phase 208/240, 208 to 240, 208 to 480, 120 to 240 or other voltages we usually have the transformer in stock.

We usually stock Acme, Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer, ITE Siemens, FPE  Federal Pacific, Square D, General Electric and Zinsco products.

We also carry a wide variety of commercial power transformers. Low Voltage Distribution General Purpose Commercial Transformers for all of San Diego. ESU offers a wide selection of electrical products that include buck-boost transformers, low voltage lighting transformers, mini power centers, and autotransformers.

All our recycled equipment has been tested and has our guarantee.