circuit breaker tranformers miramar san diegoESU buys and sells new & used Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Fuses, Switches, Plugs and more for Electricians and Home Owners in University City in San Diego

Electrical Supplies Unlimited buys and sells new Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Fuses, Switches, Plugs and more for University City in San Diego city and surrounding areas including Clairemont, North Clairemont, Clairemont Mesa East, Clairemont Mesa West, Bay Ho, Bay Park, Linda Vista, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Rancho Pensaquitos, Carmel Valley, Sorrento Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar , UTC, Clairemont, Pacific Beach, Clairemont Mesa, Linda Vista, Mission Bay and many more. Of course, we can arrange shipment on a wide variety of products to service those outside our area. We will also buy your used Transformers.

Electrical Supplies Unlimited is your premier source for comprehensive electrical solutions in University City, San Diego. As a trusted supplier, we specialize in providing a diverse inventory of both new and used power transformers, circuit breakers, panel boards, and various other electrical supplies. Catering to electricians and electrician companies, we understand the critical need for reliable components in every project. Our commitment to quality ensures that our stocked products meet the highest industry standards, empowering electrical professionals with the tools they need for successful installations and repairs. At Electrical Supplies Unlimited, we pride ourselves on not just delivering products but fostering lasting partnerships with our clients, offering unparalleled service and expertise in the dynamic field of electrical work. Choose us as your electrical supply partner, and experience a seamless blend of quality, affordability, and customer-centric support.

Welcome to ESU, your trusted partner for all your electrical transformer needs in University City, San Diego. As a reputable buyer, we specialize in purchasing new, used, and surplus electrical transformers to support a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking to upgrade your electrical infrastructure or have surplus transformers no longer in use, ESU offers a streamlined solution that turns your assets into value. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing fair assessments and competitive offers, ensuring a hassle-free experience from evaluation to transaction. With our commitment to sustainability and responsible asset management, ESU contributes to reducing waste while helping clients unlock the potential of their electrical equipment. Contact us today to explore how ESU can assist you in maximizing returns on your electrical transformers while contributing to a greener future.

Discover ESU – your premier destination for buying and repurposing electrical transformers in University City, San Diego. We offer a convenient and efficient solution for individuals and businesses seeking to sell new, used, or surplus electrical transformers. Our experienced team understands the intricate details of transformer technology and is well-equipped to provide accurate evaluations and competitive pricing for your assets. By partnering with ESU, you not only capitalize on your unused equipment but also contribute to sustainable practices by extending the lifecycle of these resources. As a responsible buyer, we prioritize transparency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction in every transaction. Join us in promoting efficient resource utilization while making the most of your electrical transformers. Reach out to ESU today to discover a seamless way to convert your transformers into value.

ESU Inc has been in the electrical supply business for over 30 years. We have a large inventory of new, surplus and recycled electrical supplies both for the commercial and residential markets. We are a fully stocked Electrical Distributor and Electrical Wholesaler with many different lines in stock. We specialize in  hard to find items. Our staff is very knowledgeable and our mission is to ensure that our customers expectations are exceeded. Ask around, our reputation is what makes us! Or just call to find out yourself at 858.558.2850.

We stock most major brands including General Electric, ITE Siemens, Cutler Hammer, Square D, FPE Federal Pacific, Pushmatic, Zinsco, Crouse Hinds, Challenger, Westinghouse, Sylvania, and Bryant.

Our inventory consists of a large selection of Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Disconnects, Panelboards to 600v, Fuses up to 3000 Amps, Bolt Switch Pullouts, Motor Starters and Relays, Meter sockets, Lighting ballasts, Metal Halide and Sox bulbs. We also carry Lithonia Commercial and residential lighting fixtures as well.

Our Products ESU sells a large and diverse inventory of Electrical Supplies, Electrical Equipment, including Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Transformers, Panelboard switches, Safety switches, Fuseable switches, Meter Sockets, Motor Controllers, Lighting  Ballasts, Bolt switch and much more. We carrier almost all manufacturers including Zinsco, Pushmatic, FPE Federal Pacific, ITE Siemens,  Cutler Hammer, Lutron, Lithonia,, Square D, Challenger and many more. We serve the San Diego and SD County areas and to many other intra and interstate clients. We sell products to fit any requirement or budget. ESU rents Greenlee Wire Pullers, Conduit benders as well as other electrician tools. Talk directly to one of our specialists, Ed, Scott, Kevin or Chris to find out more. So give us a call today at 858.558.2850 and let us serve you

Transformers Electrical Supplies Unlimited buys and sells new power Transformers and more for Rancho Penasquitos and surrounding areas including Carmel Valley, Mira Mesa, Miramar, San Diego and more. Of course, we can arrange shipment on a wide variety of products to service those outside our area. We will also purchase your used Transformers.

Circuit Breakers Electrical Supplies Unlimited is your go-to source for Circuit Breaker electrical supplies in San Diego and surrounding areas. We have a large inventory of most brands of circuit breakers including most amperages and voltages. We carry a large variety of manufacturers, including Zinsco, Federal Pacific FPE, Pushmatic, Bulldog, Cutler, Hammer, ITE Siemens, Square D etc. in our San Diego store. We carry most amperages and voltages. Some examples of what we carry:

20 Amp thru 125 amp Zinsco breakers
20 amp through 1200 amp 480 volt Siemens breakers 3 phase and single phase
15 thru 100 amp 120/240 Volt Pushmatic Breakers
15 thru 1200 amp 120/240 and 480V Federal Pacific FPE circuit breakers

We are circuit breakers and electrical hardware experts. Do not hesitate to call us at 858.558.2850 to find out which Circuit Breaker is right for your requirement.

Your one stop go to guys. Always at your service!