cutler hammer circuit breakerWe have everything from a single pole 15A 120/240V through 3 pole 3000Amp 600V in the Cutler Hammer line.

Harry Henderson Cutler and Edward West Hammer incorporate the Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co. in 1893, specializing in electric starters, speed regulators and field rheostats. Developed first automatic motor starter patented by Cutler in 1900, laying the foundation for the modern motor control industry, and in 1901 the company designed the control equipment for the Panama Canal.    By the 1930s, engineers at Cutler-Hammer had obtained 28 patents for the use of vacuum tubes to control heavy currents. Cutler-Hammer became part of Eaton Corporation in 1978 bringing over $500 million in sales of a complete portfolio of power control and switching devices





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Featured Breaker: Cutler Hammer 50A Industrial Circuit Breaker


Manufacturer: Cutler Hammer 

Industrial Circuit Breaker


600V max 250V c.d. Max

Cat. FD3050L

Suitable for use on

Single Phase AC circuits



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