Commercial Metering Switchboards

Panelboards are typically flush mounted or surface mounted and are limited to a maximum of 1,200 A incoming current (main). Switchboards are free-standing units that are front connected and, like panelboards, require only front access. However, switchboards can allow for both front and rear access if desired.

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 Commercial metering switchboards provide electrical system distribution and metering for shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial multimetering applications. Using standard construction and features, these switchboards incorporate metering sections with tenant feeder circuits using meter sockets to meet local utility or customer requirements. All meter sockets and associated feeder devices are completely factory prewired and shipped ready for the installation of the meter
Eaton’s Pow-R-Line distribution switchboards combine a space-saving design with modular construction and increased system ratings to provide economical and dependable electrical system distribution and protection.

Overcurrent Devices To properly select and size overcurrent devices for use in a switchboard, the allowable temperature rise must be taken into account as to its effect on the tripping characteristics of the devices in question. Accordingly, Article 220 of the NEC® requires overcurrent devices to be rated not less than 125% of the continuous load they are protecting. To comply with this, an 80% derating factor must be used with all overcurrent devices such as molded case breakers and FDPW fusible switches unless they are tested and marked as 100% rated devices. Short-Circuit Rating Standard bus and connectors on all switchboards are rated for use on systems capable of producing up to 65,000A rms symmetrical short-circuit current at the incoming terminals. Increased bus short-circuit ratings equal to that of connected switchboard devices, up to 200,000A rms symmetrical, are available in most Pow-R-Line switchboards when approved main devices are installed. Contact Eaton for more information. UL labeled switchboard sections are marked with their applicable short-circuit rating.


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