San Ysidro Electrical Power Transformers for Nestor, San Diego

Electrical Supplies Unlimited buys and sells new power Transformers and more for Nestor, San Diego County and surrounding areas including San Ysidro, Otay Mesa West, Otay Mesa and the Tijuana River Valley and more. Of course, we can arrange shipment on a wide variety of products to service those outside our area. We will also purchase your used Transformers.

ESU Inc has been in the electrical supply business for over 40 years. We have a large inventory of new, surplus and recycled electrical supplies both for the commercial and residential markets.  We can offer the best pricing on your used and obsolete Electrical Transformers as our large client base allows us to give you the highest price possible.

Our staff is very knowledgeable and our mission is to ensure that our customers expectations are exceeded. Ask around, our reputation is what makes us! Or just call to find out yourself at 858.558.2850.

ESU is the premier electrical supplies partner serving the Nestor area in San Diego. At ESU, we specialize in buying, selling, and stocking a diverse  range of electrical transformers, including renowned brands such as Hammond, Siemens, Acme, and General Electric. Our inventory caters to electricians in need of reliable voltage transformers for various applications. Whether you're looking for new, surplus, or recycled transformers, ESU is your go-to source for high-quality electrical equipment.
Our inventory consists of a large selection of Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Disconnects, Panelboards to 600v, Fuses up to 3000 Amps, Bolt Switch Pullouts, Motor Starters and Relays, Meter sockets, Lighting ballasts, Metal Halide and Sox bulbs. We also carry Lithonia Commercial and residential lighting fixtures as well.

We are transformer and electrical hardware experts. Do not hesitate to call us at 858.558.2850 to find out how ESU can help you with your excess Transformer needs.

Your one stop go-to guys. Always at your service!